We have identified that to succeed, students need to:

  • Learn through reading, watching and listening. This includes studying their lecture notes, watching and listening to videos or podcasts.
  • Learn through engaging in activities related to their module. This includes praticing exercises and other interactive puzzles and games.
  • Ensure that they are registered for the right course and are choosing the right options. This involves having detailed course and module information in a format that suits them and helps them make the right choices.
  • Stay motivated and are well aware of the progression and degree classification rules. This involves being able to keep track of their continuous performance and view the impact of poor and/or good performance of single or multiple assessments on their yearly progression and their overall degree classification.

We decided to develop one custom app for each of the above points: MiModule and MiGame for the learning. MiCourse to provide students with course information, course structure and module details, and MiGrade as their performance tracker.