MiModule is an application that aims at displaying a module lecture notes in a way that is optimised for the iPad. All the notes should be accessible from one page. A menu style section on the left hand-side is allowing the user to go to any lecture material. This material can be displayed in the right hand-side section, and can be zoomed in. Where more space is required, a full screen is used for the material, and a back button is displayed on the top left corner to ensure that the user can always navigate back to the previous page where the menu is.

Examples of material covered in MiModule includes Web pages, Videos (in HTML5 playing in the browser), PDF documents (embedded in the Web page and downloadable in GoodReader directly), a puzzle and a quiz that provides the student with a summary and details of their performance and points them to the lectures they need to revise further. A lot of this could be done using Blackboard. The module web page would also have to be uploaded onto Blackboard. This is not a replacement of Blackboard, but a supplement. This app allows students to view and access their notes in a connectionless mode.