MiGrade is a native application that aims at helping the student gauge their performance on the degree and also be more familiar with the university regulation regarding module and courses. It is very clear from correspondence received by module leaders and course leaders that students are not familiar with the conditions that are required for them to pass a module.

MiGrade starts with a list of courses. Students can pick their course. This will allow students to view all the modules that constitute their course, and view all the assessment details for each chosen module. This is composed of assessment name, assessment type, weighting. The number of credits associated with the module is also displayed.

As students are given assessments, they can enter the assessment due date and also have the option to save the event in the device calendar. Automatically, students will receive reminders 24h and 12h before the due date and time. In the next version of the application students will also be able to specify the time as well as the date (currently using the new 10am deadline time by default).

As students received their assessments back, they can enter their mark in MiGrade using the corresponding slider. This will update the current module and year performance, and be reflected also on the summary page. A magnifying glass was added for accessibility.