• For further information regarding the iWestminster project, please contact:

    Anne-Gaelle Colom, Philip Trwoga and Mark Clements

    For further information regarding the iWestminster Website, please contact:

    Anne-Gaelle Colom

  • Anne-Gaelle Colom is a teaching fellow and senior lecturer at the University of Westminster, School of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS), course leader for BEng Mobile and Web Computing and passionate about teaching and learning. Anne-Gaelle has been developing mobile applications since 1996, and her area of expertise includes Web desing and development, mobile application development, mobile user experience, Javascript and Mobile Web.

    Anne-Gaelle's role in the project includes the development of all web-based mobile apps, and the design of the back-end data format. She also develops and maintains the iWestminster website and blog. Anne-Gaelle is leading the trials with the students on the BEng Mobile and Web Computing course at level 5 and 6.

    email: coloma@westminster.ac.uk

    Follow agcolom on Twitter@agcolom

  • Dr Philip Trwoga is a principal lecturer at the Department of Electronics and Computer Science. He is the course leader for BSc Computer Science and is expert in mobile application development and in particular iOS development, a platform he has been developing for and teaching for several years. Philip is responsible for developing native iPad applications for the project and is also the University's Apple developer administrator.

    email: P.F.Trwoga@westminster.ac.uk

  • Mark Clements is a principal lecturer and the Director of Undergraduate Studies within the School of Life Sciences (SLS) at the University of Westminster. He leads the MSc Medical Biotechnology course and has wide research interests in stem cell biology, microbiology and pedagogic research. Mark is a teaching fellow and has been involved in a range of educational projects looking at the enhancement of student learning through the use of technology.

    Mark’s role in the project is to lead the trial and evaluation of iPads and mobile applications within the School of Life Sciences by recruiting a range of students from different courses and levels of study.

    email: M.O.Clements@westminster.ac.uk

    Follow marc_clem on Twitter@mark_clem