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Quiz for MiModule

I have now produced my 1st quiz for MiModule. This is fully developed in JQuery Mobile. The student gets a specific feedback page for each question specifying whether the answer was correct or incorrect. Each incorrect answer feedback tells the user why the answer was incorrect (currently consists of only 6 questions). The quiz is currently all hard coded, and I now need to rewrite it so that it reads an XML file to improve code efficiency and reusability.

2 column collapsible

Submitted issue 1440 and fix to JQM team via github. The problem is that when using two sets of collapsibles inside a two column grid (one in each column), the collapsibles do not display nicely (they overlap). My trick is to put the collapsibles inside a div with padding left and right of .5em. I want to do this to display semester 1 modules in the 1st column, semester 2 modules in the 2nd column and year long modules across both.