Monthly Archives: December 2013

Anne’s Apps – New Development

Ok, so the iWestminster project itself ended in July 2012. The students gave very positive feedback, etc etc and the project was considered successful…

However, I feel that it is a shame to leave it as is, where new students cannot benefit from the work done. The lesson I have learnt here is that Native apps are great but they require a serious amount of maintenance. This is not always compatible with the way projects run (start date and end date and no maintenance funding past the end date). I am therefore going to develop a web version of these mobile apps, as these require much less maintenance, and will work on all the student devices. No funding is currently available to help me, but I am hoping that as I develop and start having things to show, I will be able to raise interest and that support will follow. Furthermore, this development will also help me stay in touch even more with the latest technologies and techniques related to web development, and may also raise an interest in level 4 students for programming :-)