Monthly Archives: October 2011

Working with jQuery Mobile 1.0 RC2

Well there have been many changes to jQuery Mobile since I developed the first iWestminster prototype (MiCourse). I believe that jQuery Mobile has reached a level where very few major changes should take place, so I believe it is time for me to rewrite some of my MiCourse and MiModule prototypes to make used of jQuery Mobile 1.0 RC2 (with 1st full release coming out fairly soon I would imagine).

The major changes will be the automatic Back button (whole new approach here) and the collapsibles which can have a background which will improve the application if used carefully. Will try to rewrite all that at the weekend :-)

New Contact Page

I have now developed and uploaded the new contact page. This page has ‘slide’ effect with a slide per team member. The line image also get updated according to the slide the user is watching. I am rather pleased with it. I was ready a few weeks ago, but I still need some bio info from the team.