Monthly Archives: August 2011

Logo on blog

I have now also modified the WordPress theme to ensure that the iWestminster logo does not go over the blog name and description on a small screen such as the iPad or iPhone, as identified yesterday. I chose to keep the logo on the left hand-side and mode the blog name and description to its right to ensure consistency with the rest of the project website, see below:

iPad post

This is the first time that I am using the iPad to post a message on the blog. The drop down menu on the website works very well in the iPad and the iPhone. I have also noticed the fact that the logo is over the blog title on the main blog page because of the viewport size. I will customise the WordPress theme further to solve this issue.

Pull-down menu

A pull-down menu has been added to the website so that visitors can go the the portfolio page or go directly to any of the specific app page (MiCourse, MiModule, MiGame, MiGrade) from any page. The pull-down is triggered on clicking the down arrow, so that it can be used on the iPad as well. All pages will get the new submenu for the Portfolio item. The code has been written to ensure reusability. The drop-down looks as shown on the left hand-side (when mouse over MiCourse).

MiGrade – days to due date

Phil has completed the first version of the “days to assessment due date” view. This view will show visually how many days to the assessment due dates coming. The view will go from 0 days to 50 days, as this was believed to be sufficient. Any assessment due in more than 50 days will have the correct number of days but the bars will go to 50 (max value).

The view can be seen below: