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Working with jQuery Mobile 1.0 RC2

Well there have been many changes to jQuery Mobile since I developed the first iWestminster prototype (MiCourse). I believe that jQuery Mobile has reached a level where very few major changes should take place, so I believe it is time for me to rewrite some of my MiCourse and MiModule prototypes to make used of jQuery Mobile 1.0 RC2 (with 1st full release coming out fairly soon I would imagine).

The major changes will be the automatic Back button (whole new approach here) and the collapsibles which can have a background which will improve the application if used carefully. Will try to rewrite all that at the weekend :-)

New collapsible in JQM with optional background

As mentioned earlier, the JQM team has updated the collapsible design, so that it is now possible for these to have a background or no background. This is a fantastic news for this type of application, as I can really easily display collapsible content with the look that is optimal for the chosen content. This is the major addition to the v1.0 RC1 as described in the release notes.

I’ve also had a discussion with the JQM team regarding the possible loss of the bottom rounded corner on the last collapsible header when expanded, see github issue 2584. This will not be implemented but I could still do it if the iWestminster team felt that it was necessary.

Collapsible content in MiCourse

Todd Parker, jQueryMobile Project lead, confirmed by email today that my rounded corner issue (1751 under github) is now fixed and fully part of the new jQuery Mobile release. This new release has caused a new change and we have to decide as a team whether we like the new look of the collapsed collapsible. This now has a background colour. This was reported by MauriceG as issue 2467 . The JQM team is now looking at possibly removing the background colour and offering the user the choice to ‘opt-in’. Will update as this become available.

Student choices

Interviewed second year ECS students regarding how they choose their optional modules. Very interesting input. Discovered that students choose their option according to lecturer, subject taught, when the module runs but also according to the assessment pattern. (Some students will choose coursework-based modules, while others choose modules with exams. I will therefore add the assessment pattern in MiCourse.