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General Project posts

Getting ready for the iPad release

We are getting ready to release the iPads to the level 5 and 6 students… We have written a contract that the students will have to sign… The students will blog on our university VLE (Blackboard) and a selection of blog posts will be posted here. We have also agreed to invite students with their own iPads to also take part in the project, which will allow us to have a greater sample for the study.

Student Experience Survey

I got in touch with the person in charge of the Student Experience Survey, and the fantastic news is that we will be able to compare the results of the students taking part in the survey as a cohort to a comparable group (i.e. those from the same course not taking part, or those from a comparable course). This is really good news. The timescale is perfect also… The new academic year is starting rather well :-)

Meeting with Mark

Had a meeting with Mark today to discuss the loan of the iPads to students. We have agreed that students should blog on a weekly basis and talk about their usage of the iPad. We will have a project meeting in the next few weeks. Students with their own device will be able to contribute to the project also. The next step will be to order 10 more iPads and some iTunes vouchers. We will also have to discuss how we collect data.

iPad post

This is the first time that I am using the iPad to post a message on the blog. The drop down menu on the website works very well in the iPad and the iPhone. I have also noticed the fact that the logo is over the blog title on the main blog page because of the viewport size. I will customise the WordPress theme further to solve this issue.