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All iPads out…

Right, this week we have managed to get all the iPads out to the students in Life Sciences and Computer Science. All now have a £25 iTunes voucher to buy apps… and Blogging is starting… Personally, I have used my voucher to buy GoodReader (to read, store and organise documents), Pages (to edit documents) and Textastic (to write software code). These are apps that I would recommend. We have also recommended that the students get iAnnotate pdf and Blackboard Mobile.

Here’s a screen shot of Textastic:

Start of Semester 2

Happy New Year :-)

The students who received the iPads should now be familiar with the devices and the good news is that the iTunes vouchers have arrived :-) We will give the vouchers to the students tomorrow and also contact the remaining level 6 students not yet taking part in the project. The students have also received emails regarding the blogging that they are expected to carry out. It was decided that the student blogs will be kept on Blackboard, with possible extracts published on the main iWestminster blog.

The team will also meet tomorrow 10.20am…

Getting ready for the iPad release

We are getting ready to release the iPads to the level 5 and 6 students… We have written a contract that the students will have to sign… The students will blog on our university VLE (Blackboard) and a selection of blog posts will be posted here. We have also agreed to invite students with their own iPads to also take part in the project, which will allow us to have a greater sample for the study.

Working with jQuery Mobile 1.0 RC2

Well there have been many changes to jQuery Mobile since I developed the first iWestminster prototype (MiCourse). I believe that jQuery Mobile has reached a level where very few major changes should take place, so I believe it is time for me to rewrite some of my MiCourse and MiModule prototypes to make used of jQuery Mobile 1.0 RC2 (with 1st full release coming out fairly soon I would imagine).

The major changes will be the automatic Back button (whole new approach here) and the collapsibles which can have a background which will improve the application if used carefully. Will try to rewrite all that at the weekend :-)